The Butterfly and the Daisy

This is a Poem and illustration I wrote off of a random writing prompt someone sent me. Short, sweet, and light-hearted, it was a nice touch to my writings.

The Butterfly and the Daisy

By: AinmhiDarkFyre
Digital Art by: AinmhiDarkFyre

There lies but one gold daisy yonder over,
In that field all of four-leaved clover,
But a flower that is precious unto me,
Not for its gold, but because it so pretty.

Upon that daisy will flitter and alight,
A butterfly so colored a wonder bright,
Each day at noon when I go there to sing,
And dance upon a diamond crested wing.

The field to many is naught but a story,
As it is hidden behind the trees of Cherry,
But it’s a place I know to be oh so true,
I’d love to sit beside the daisy with you.

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