The Creature In Red Who Kills

This is a Illustrated Poem I wrote a little while back. The Painting, accompanied by a copy of the Poem, was given to a good friend of mine. You can however still buy merch with the painting on it in my store.

The Creature In Red Who Kills

By: AinmhiDarkFyre
Painting by: AinmhiDarkFyre

There is a realm where it is always night,
A land constantly cast in full moonlight,
Therein lies a castle Forgotten in grassy hills,
And there is the creature in red who kills.

In this land of Twilight, where the land rolls,
A never-ending expanse of grassy knolls,
Lies many a tale Forgotten by Father Time,
Such as the one that is this very rhyme.
A lonely castle, under an ever full moon,
Once sung of by many an ancient tune,
Now bears no sign of its once inhabitation,
Now lost to ruin and a state of desecration.
None know if any still there doest reside,
For none who try to enter doest get inside,
Slain by a Wraith who doest don its Blood-Fest,
Guarding the Castle whose past doest rest.

There is a Realm where ’tis ever always night,
A land constantly cast in a full moon’s light,
Therein is a Dark Creature in red who kills,
Ever guarding a lonely castle in the hills.

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