A Strange Friend For You.

Seriously fellers, ladies and gents, if you ever need someone to talk to, if in need of a friend, contact me. I have been alone in the darkness. I know the cost of staying there. But all life is precious to me. I would rather provide an the unbiased ear of non-judgemental Stranger, than have you take your own life.

A Stranger But A Friend

By: AinmhiDarkFyre

I am but a stranger in the dark of night,
One who’s had life and death in sight,
But I am around now and I will hear,
If you wish to tell me your every fear.

I am but a stranger in the circle of Time,
One who oft speaks in naught but rhyme,
But I promise to be an honest friend,
As long as your choice doesn’t end.

I am but a stranger, this I do to know,
One who’s insanity must do and show,
But I know the need of such everywhere,
When you need it, I will offer to be there.


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