The Song Of Flying Flagons & Drinking Dragons!

This is the song for our wonderful discord community, the Flying Flagons & Drinking Dragons Poetry Pub, a community where you can sign up to be part of our Launch party, play online TTRPGs, or just go to have a fun time and enjoy freedom of speech!

Oh Barkeep of My Favorite Pub!

By: AinmhiDarkFyre

Give me thy Finest Brew,
Let my Flagon not be stale,
BarKeep I ask you,
Let my coin make thee a sale,
Pour to me thy finest Ale.

Whiskey oh Whiskey,
Bartender pour me a drink,
On the rocks for me,
Perhaps two for me I think,
So all my thoughts I can sink.

Where is all the rum?
Tell BarKeep I need to know!
Tis you I doest come,
When I need my sorrow go,
I want the rum, you keep low.

Give me sweet sweet wine,
Bartender thy best bottle,
Ferment fruit so fine,
My supply don’t you throttle,
Give me to teeter-tottle!

I fly my flagon,
So give me thy bestest mead,
The Drinking Dragon,
Bartender I thirst, I need,
To drink and to fun I plead!

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