The Strangest Stranger

I may be a Stranger that is stranger than the strangest stranger you’ll ever meet, but alas, that is my own Path.super kamagra

Stranger’s Path

By: AinmhiDarkFyre

To most a stranger is what I’ll remain,
My life is a confusing discordant refrain,
My story is one hard to believe is true,
I’ve lived life’s hell and a miracle or two.

To most, I myself, they will not see,
But I hope to leave this world my legacy,
Passing on my values to my children,
And leaving my mark where I have been.

Most will not give me their charity,
And I wouldn’t accept a gift out of pity,
Instead I choose a harder less worn road,
Where my purpose is what I have showed.

Most others, you see, won’t even see me,
But I am ok with my own sense of humanity,
And just as I have lived through my fight,
I hope to help others gain their own sight.

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