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TriFox Arts & Entertainment is a trademarked name long used by AinmhiDarkFyre when selling his various arts and crafts. AinmhiDarkFyre has hopes of TriFox A&E one day being a decent sized organization supporting and dstributing the products of a community of Artists, Craftsmen, and Content Creators, led by AinmhiDarkFyre himself. Using this idea, AinmhiDarkFyre has already set up opportunities to work with others, and it is here that you will find various ways to support and work with him.


The Bard of the Forbidden Inferno

Who Is AinmhiDarkFyre?

AinmhiDarkFyre is a homegrown Texan lad hailing from the StoryTelling Capitol of Texas. AinmhiDarkFyre has a beautiful family that he considers his greatest legacy. That might not mean much to you but it means everything to him. Now what might mean something to you is this; AinmhiDarkFyre is not just a humble homegrown feller from a farming community, but he is also a lover, a fighter, a poet, an artist, a graphic designer, a game designer, content creator, and a person whose pen-name will one day be known around the world. Hell, in some places it already is. This website also acts as his Author Page, a hub for all things AinmhiDarkFyre.

A complicated feller indeed, Ain has experienced much of the best, and the worst, of humanity in his short time upon this planet we call home. This has allowed him to learn a few of the maddening things pertaining to this thing we call life, and is always happy to lend an ear to those that need it. A writer of many things, he greatly enjoys encouraging indivuality in others, and considers it a great honor when his writings help or inspire others. To this effect, he has started his blog here, What Does Ain Say, where he will share important updates to his fans, answer questions submitted to him, share some of his art, and most importantly, show himself as a paragon of individuality, a Bard, and just hopefully you’ll be entertained by it.

Ain, and everyone at TriFox A&E, wish for you only the best! No matter what you are going through, hopefully your time here with us will leave you with something to grow upon. Visit Ain’s blog, perhaps find something right up your alley at the store, or find ways to talk with us on the Contact Us page. We’d love to hear from you.

What Kind of Connections Do We Have Already?

While of course the personal connections we have made with people along our Journey are of the utmost Importance, we believe in protecting people’s identities, and so we probably won’t be sharing those with you. However, much to our delight, we have a few things we are happy to say we can share.

One of our biggest and closest connections is with TheCyberFlash. With such a beautiful soul at the helm, thecyberflash.com is a wonderful website for all sorts of gaming news and articles, a great place for any gamer to visit. Its Owner is a good friend of Ain’s, a great guy and superb content creator, CyberFlash. A very supportive fellow all around, pretty down to earth, especially for an ex-Brit. XP

CyberCorp, a wonderful online global community for gamers and content creators, is another big connection of ours. A dream of CyberFlash’s to connect people all over the world for love of entertainment, supporting each other, come true. Its main hub is on Discord and from there branches out to several other platforms. Throgh Cybercorp on all of its platforms, well over one thousand people have been connected, all over the world!

Flying Flagons & Drinking Dragons Poetry Pub on Facebook is a great place to see poetry submitted to the page via messenger, and you’ll see alot of AinmhiDarkFyre’s Work there as well. About two thousand people who follow that Page and its a part of TriFox A&E! Ain runs it and sometimes he gets silly little FB bans, but the Discord community, Flying Flagons & Drinking Dragons Pub, the best way to reach and talk with us in a free-speech and entertaining environment, is also a place where you can submit poems to be posted on the Poetry Page. We also host TTRPG Online PBPs there.

Chaotic Evil Dungeons and Dragons Memes, a turd-posting group focusing on TTRPGs has named Ain their Bardic HeadMaster, and so we have a connection to a bunch of wonderful a-holes as well. If you don’t get offended and have a dark sense of humor, they’re a good group to be in.

Happy Cyborg Games will be mentioned in the future, as when AinmhiDarkFyre gets his setting guide published, he will be working very closely with them to make games based off of his setting.

You’ll find often in connection with us is a logo, IconCross, which is the logo AinmhiDarkFyre uses for his Christian-themed work. Yes, AinmhiDarkFyre is a Christian, and if you want to talk religion with him, he is more than happy to do so, but he will never force his religion upon you, as an individual’s ability to choose things for themselves is almost as important to him as he believes it is to his God. He spent a little bit of time at the Sunset International Bible Institute in their AIM program, although he came to realize soon after his path led down a different road.

So What All Does AinmhiDarkFyre Have Publshed?

AinmhiDarkFyre’s first Book, the first book of three that’ll make up his first volume of The Bard of the Forbidden Inferno, was published with KDP. Ain is working on getting an e-book and an AudioBook, for which he already has someone to voice, published for his first book. He is also currently getting his second book for that first volume ready to be published. In the works, within the next few years, are anthologies, as well as the first edition guides to a brand new TTRPG system designed by AinmhiDarkFyre for a tried and tested setting of his own creation.

Ain is currently looking for an actual Publishing Company to work with him for his own creations, republishing his first book as well as books in the future, and hopefully bring them more business with TriFox A&E as well. Whatever happens, just know, Ain’s Journey is just beginning and more great things will come from his Chaotic Mind.